While visiting Palm Springs with the kids, it’s important to know where the kid-approved eateries are located. With kids, not just any restaurant will do. Even when you and the rest of the family are off to a late start in the morning, you want to make sure that you find a brunch spot that the kids will enjoy. The following are some kid-friendly brunch spots in Palm Springs that you and your kids can visit while vacationing at one of Palm Springs Getaways’ vacation rentals.

Lulu California Bistro

Lulu California Bistro located on Palm Canyon Drive offers atmosphere and simple, good food that the little ones will enjoy. Lulu’s is known for their 5-star dinner service, and your kids are sure to love the exceptional food they prepare. The restaurant has an extensive menu that features American cuisine. Kids can enjoy such offerings as fruit-topped pancakes, hash browns and freshly-squeezed orange juice. Plus, with the indoor-outdoor seating, your kids can enjoy their brunch in a different setting.


When it comes to brunch for kids, Trio is a must visit! Located in the Uptown Design District, this restaurant attracts visitors from all over Coachella Valley. The atmosphere is modern and welcoming; perfect for brunch with the little ones. The kids are sure to enjoy the pan-fried French toast served with almond granola and fruit, pancakes, or one of several omelet options. The food at Trio meets the tastes of adults and kids alike. Trio is definitely one of the best kid-friendly brunch spots in Palm Springs!


When you need that one go-to brunch spot that you are sure your kids will enjoy, look no further than Cheeky’s. Located on Palm Canyon Drive, Cheeky’s serves the classic breakfast food everyone enjoys from a farm-to-table perspective. As the adult, you’ll feel good knowing that the kids are eating fresh, delicious food. Plus, the menu changes weekly. So, if you are staying at one of our vacation rentals long-term, the kids can look forward to new dining experiences.

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