As winter rears its ugly head in your hometown, we in Palm Springs are just entering our favorite time of year! The blistering heat of a desert summer has become a distant memory and yet the sun remains shining (we only get a little less than 2 inches of rain every year!) the temperatures are in the 70s and we wake up each morning eager to get out there and play! So, while you may prefer a white Christmas, have you ever imagined what it would be like to celebrate a balmy New Year’s Eve? Maybe this is the year you should find out when you experience New Year’s in Palm Springs!

Mildly Wild New Year’s Eve at the Living Desert Zoo/Gardens

Not every new year has to begin with a hangover and vague memories of questionable choices of the night before; the Mildly Wild New Year’s Eve at the Living Desert Zoo/Gardens allows you to celebrate with a different style of wild! Featuring a 50s’ Sock Hop Theme, a gourmet dinner, and live entertainment that will have you dancing your socks off (Get it? It’s a SOCK hop!) you’ll get to see for yourself why we love our California winters so much; it’s an indoor/outdoor event that costs $125 per person. This place is definitely a go-to for your New Year’s in Palm Springs!

Rockin’ 80s New Year’s Eve Party, Spa Resort Casino

Oh, we remember the 80s fondly; from the teased-out hair, to the military style shoulder pads to the rockin’ music; life was sweet back then and if you’re wanting to relive it, New Year’s Eve is the time to do so! With ticket prices starting at only $5 dollars if you purchase tickets in advance ($10 at the door) the festivities begin at 8PM and listening to live entertainment playing your favorite 80s jams performed by lookalikes of your favorite band members is only the beginning of the fun! Family friendly activities, food, drinks, and, of course, gambling on the slot machines for your chance to end the old year on a high note! (for their over 21 guests only!) You’ll even have the chance to win 2019 dollars-worth of free games and who knows? Maybe you’ll win enough to cover the costs of your entire Palm Springs getaway!

Celebrate New Year’s in Palm Springs in Your Vacation Rental

Of course, some of you won’t want to party the night away, even if you are in the perfect place to do so; some of you prefer to enjoy the simply perfect moments of a family celebration in one of our Palm Springs Getaways simply perfect vacation homes! And as you’re playing board games and laughing and chatting with the ones you love most in life, take a moment to stop and look around; this night in this place will be just about as perfect as any night could be! Reserve yours today and ensure that your 2019 will be spent as your 2018 ended; with family, friends, and loved ones.