Winter really is the most beautiful time of the year when you live in sunny Palm Springs; the scorching temperatures of summer are a distant memory and the cool nights allow us the opportunity to try out those cute sweaters we bought last winter on sale! If your winter days are dreary and glum and spent facing subzero temperatures, why not light a fire in your heart and consider a winter break in Palm Springs? We’ve compiled this guide to a few of the Palm Springs winter activities you can try during your stay!

Go to the Park

Unlike your home town, THIS is the time of year in Palm Springs for park outings and outdoor sports and because we like to be a little different, we recommend a visit to the Joshua Tree Park in January! Featuring hiking trails and cactus gardens, there’s something new and exciting to be found around every corner; especially the famous Joshua Trees themselves! If you’ve never seen one before, this is definitely the time to do so. Their unique and twisted shapes are unlike anything you have ever seen in a tree before and having a picnic at one of the many tables found throughout the park is an experience you won’t soon forget!

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, February 14th through 17th

Featuring the works of the best artists in the world, this Fine Arts Fair has been a favored event for visitors and locals alike for more than a few minutes! Held at the Palm Springs Convention Center, the art on display never fails to please, awe, and on multiple occasions, answer the life questions we have all considered over the years! You cannot miss this Palm Springs winter activity!

Get a Bird’s Eye

View of a Different Kind of Winter Wonderland-Although you may still see some snow on the mountain peaks that surround you, our desert winters are quite a bit different than what you are used to and the best way to catch sight of the beauty of our fair town is from above aboard the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway! Taking you on a skyward journey you will be amazed by the cliffs of Chino Canyon, the trip lasts about 10 minutes and ticket prices start at $16.95 for kids and go up from there, but this is the kind of tour you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on.

Magical and Warm Homes to Enjoy Palm Springs Winter Acitvities

Our Palm Springs Getaways vacation escapes offer a magical escape from the hectic world you live in; warm, welcoming, and inviting, your stay with us will be more beneficial to your health than a day at a spa! Reserve yours today!