Winter in Palm Springs probably isn’t anything like your own hometown. When we look out our windows, we see palm trees and sunny skies, and when we walk out our doors, chances are we are wearing shorts and flip-flops. But even though our temperatures may be in the 70s or higher and there is no snow on the ground, we still have moments where only winter comfort foods will do. There’s no weather requirement necessary for craving our mother’s meatloaf, and if you happen to have your own craving for the food that fills your stomach as it feeds your soul, these Palm Springs restaurants are the best places to find those meals!

Elmer’s Restaurant, 1030 East Palm Canyon Drive

Simple, hearty, and delicious, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the folks at Elmer’s know how to do it right. Many of us at Palm Springs Getaways aren’t really morning people, but when we have breakfast at Elmer’s Restaurant planned, suddenly it becomes our favorite time of the day! Offering morning staples that include steak and eggs, stuffed hash browns, and their winter specialty, the classic German Pancake, please don’t make us choose one favorite, because everything they serve at this charming diner has become our top choice for breakfast in the winter!

Brickworks American Restaurant, 155 S Palm Canyon Drive

When your aching feet and pangs of hunger convince you it’s time to stop seeking adventure in Palm Springs and start seeking a place to eat, Brickworks American Restaurant is just what you need! Serving the ultimate in comfort food, their pizzas are savory and filling and their portabella smoked meatloaf may just be an improvement on the ones your mother used to make. (Shh, don’t tell her we said that we want her to keep liking us!)

Jake’s, 664 North Palm Canyon Drive

While we tend to think of comfort food as those simple dishes that our mothers and grandmothers would prepare for us when we were younger, Jake’s proves that comfort food can be made into sophisticated gourmet dishes as well without losing any of the charm and appeal that drew us to the meal in the first place. Meatloaf topped with sriracha ketchup and served with truffle macaroni and cheese, Cioppino topped with soft-shelled crab, even a Seafood Pad Thai dish—all are comforting AND exotic and destined to become your new favorite meals!

Get Away to Palm Springs

Your winter journey to Palm Springs is going to be one you won’t soon forget, and when you stay in one of our Palm Springs Getaways comfortable and stylish homes, you’ll get more than just a place to rest your head; our houses become homes the minute you walk through the doors. Reserve yours today!