Your Palm Springs vacation in one of our Palm Springs Getaways vacation escapes promises to be everything you dreamed it could be and so much more! Offering adventures around every corner and fine dining opportunities for every meal, every minute is guaranteed to be a memorable one, but not every meal needs to be haute cuisine; sometimes you just have to have pizza! When those cravings hit, we want you to be well-prepared, and as such, we’ve prepared this guide to the top five Palm Springs pizza places locals love in Palm Springs.

Palermo’s New York Pizza, 400 S El Cielo Road # C

As much as the simple pizza brings people together, there will be one thing that succeeds in driving them apart: the choice between New York-style and Chicago-style pies! We’re not going to chime in on the battle, but we are going to offer up Palermo’s for those who remain firmly in the New York style camp. Do yourself a favor and go all out with the New York Supreme and you’ll never go hungry again!

Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, 1775 E Palm Canyon Drive

And because we are remaining neutral on the New York-style vs Chicago-style pizzas, you had to guess we would provide a review of Chicago style next, and you would be right! Giuseppe’s Chicago-style pizzas are guaranteed to please the pickiest eaters in your traveling party, and because they also offer a full menu of Italian classics, should someone not be in the mood for pie, they have a huge selection of other dishes to choose from!

Bill’s Pizza, 119 S Indian Canyon Drive

Ok, we can’t explain which we love more, the simple name of this special pizza spot or the simple goodness of the Palm Springs pizza served here! Either way, this is the kind of place where everyone immediately feels at home and an integral part of the Bill’s Pizza family. No pretension, just good pizza served with friendly smiles. Oh, and try the Bill’s sauce on whatever pizza you order; the combination of red sauce and pesto will bring a smile to your palate!

Palm Springs Pizza at Brickwork’s American Restaurant, 155 S Palm Canyon Drive

Although pizza originates from the Italian city of Naples, dating back centuries, we Americans like to think that we have perfected it, and when you taste the pies offered at Brickwork’s American Restaurant, you’re going to have to agree! One taste of their original Zombie Artisanal Pizza will change the way you look at pizza for the rest of your life; starting with a ranch dressing base and topped with pepperoni, bacon, arugula, and a variety of cheeses, each bite will be more delicious than the last!

Papa Dan’s Pizza & Pasta, 73131 Country Club Drive

After a long secession of days of sightseeing and exploring, chances are at least one of your nights in town will be one in which you want to stay in, and because Papa Dan’s Pizza & Pasta has a wide delivery range, you won’t have to fend for dinner! Enjoy the luxurious amenities of your Palm Springs Getaways escape as you chow down on some of the best pizza in town in your most comfortable pajamas.

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