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Hiking Trails in Palm Springs

We love the Palm Springs landscape. It’s hot, dry, and just a bit tropical. Enjoy that beauty from your home or from one of the several Palm Springs hiking trips around the area.

Murray Canyon

Length: 2 to 6 miles (depending on how far you want to go)
Location: Palm Springs, California

If you’re looking for a more challenging hike, head to Murray Canyon. It takes you a bit higher into the San Jacinto mountains than other local hikes. You can hike as little as two miles and as much as six along this trail. We especially love this hike because it follows a stream for much of the way, adding a sense of tranquility and also an extra source of water, so bring your water filter!

Andreas Canyon

Length: About 2 miles.
Location: Palm Springs, California

This is an easier hike than Murray Canyon. It takes you about two miles into the desert and also follows a stream. Hikers love this canyon because of the lush vegetation. It’s a stark contrast to the rest of the Palm Springs Desert and can make you feel like you’re in the jungle rather than the desert.

Palm Springs Hiking at the Palm Canyon Trail

Length: 1/2 to 15 miles (depends on how far you want to Hike)
Location: Palm Springs, California

Palm Canyon is the perfect fit for a hiker who wants a longer trip or a walker who wants a casual stroll. You can walk as little as half a mile to as long as 15 miles. There are waterfalls and views of the San Jacinto mountains. The trail is named for the palm oasis at the trail’s end.

Maynard Mine Trail

Length: About 4-5 miles. rugged uphill climb
Location: Palm Springs, California

Looking for a little history? Try the Maynard Mine Trail. It explores a tungsten mine that was worked by Jim Maynard during World War II. This trail starts at the Agua Caliente Indian Canyons and does require a fee, but visitors say it’s well worth it. There are information boards, a picnic site, an information ranger, restroom and parking near the trailhead.

Fern Canyon Trail

Length: 10 miles
Location: Palm Springs, California

This more strenuous hike passes through Palm Canyon. Hike the trail, which is 10 miles along, during the springtime to see wildflowers bloom on the plateau.

Victor Trail

Length: 3 miles roundtrip
Location: Palm Springs, California

Like the Maynard Mine Trail, this three-mile hike is short but rugged. Hike here to take in the steep canyons, cacti and palm trees that are the hallmark of the Palm Springs Desert. Be aware of water levels in the canyon, however. Rainy years can make negotiating stream crossings difficult and dangerous.

Going on any of the Palm Springs hiking trails doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. All of our homes are conveniently located near many of the trails. We can help guide you to the one that’s the best fit and can offer driving directions and tips.

Contact us today to learn more about Palm Springs activities and to book your next pet friendly vacation rental!