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Murray Canyon Trail

There’s nothing quite like finding time to be one-on-one with nature. If your next getaway to Palm Springs, California calls for some bonding time with the natural world, Murray Canyon Trail is your prime destination. Tucked into the Indian Canyons, this trail is engaging for hikers of all proficiency levels. From rugged desert landscape to lush waterfalls, there’s something to satisfy the senses every step of the way.

Packing for the Hike: What it Takes to Be Prepared

Knowing that gorgeous wild flowers, stunning views and majestic desert scenes are close at hand can make it easy to assume that hiking Murray Canyon Trail is nothing but a breeze. While it’s one of the most fun things to do in Palm Springs, it’s important to take location into consideration. Murray Canyon Trail covers just over four miles to the end and back, requiring a couple hours of hiking if you are taking it nice and slow.

While you’re guaranteed an amazing view from start to finish, there are some steps to being prepared that will keep you safe and enhance your time on the trail. Do remember that Murray Canyon Trail winds between desert and oasis environments. This means at certain times of the day the sun sets up camp mid-sky without shade available. Make sure you have plenty of water and protective eyewear at your disposal so you can enjoy the hike and stay hydrated. Be sure to dress in your best hiking gear as you may be privileged to encounters with wildlife including rattlesnakes. Finally, don’t forget your camera as the trail is dotted with patches of stunning Creosote flowers and of course, a palm tree oasis or two!

Finding Murray Canyon Trail

Murray Canyon Trail is loved by Palm Spring residents and visitors alike as it has the potential to be a challenging and beautiful hike that’s fun for the entire family. With scattered waterfalls cascading at several points and rugged desert scenery in between, it’s an adventure sure to please the senses. The trail itself is well marked and easily accessible, starting at the same trailhead development for Andreas Canyon. You’ll simply follow the signs towards Maynard Mine and Murray Canyon and be on your way!

What to Expect Along the Way

From rippling rocky trails to desert washes, hiking the Murray Canyon Trail is a diverse and dramatic experience in outdoor fun. Running water and palm trees give lush detail to the desert landscape and if you manage to be hiking in the early morning, a moment of quiet will deliver up a symphony of birds. Taking time to spot interesting rock formations and patches of California Fuchsia make for a dynamic visual encounter. At the end of the trail, hikers are rewarded with a gentle cascade named Seven Sisters Falls.

Start Your Hike Today

Filled with natural wonder and a true testament to the diverse biodiversity of Palm Springs, California, Murray Canyon Trail is a must-try for nature enthusiasts everywhere! Contact us today to book one of our beautiful pet friendly vacation rentals and to learn about more fun things to do in Palm Springs.