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Sky Sailing, Inc.

There is so many incredible activities to enjoy during your stay in Palm Springs, but next time you need an idea, look up to the sky! The greatest adventure of mankind has been achieving the dream of flight, allowing us to soar thousands of feet in the air. Sky Sailing, Inc. has been the premier sailplane experience in Southern California for many years, allowing passengers to experience this incredible thrill ride. Sailplanes glide along air currents almost like a bird, ensuring you can see the incredible terrain below. Here is what to expect:

Introductory Flights

Flying a sailplane can be a nerve-wracking experience if you do not know how to get started. With Sky Sailing, Inc. you will be shown the ropes on their introductory flights with a professional trainer. Once you have been given instruction and information about the sailplane, you will be allowed to fly it for the remainder of the flight. The instructor will be with you, ensuring they can take over whenever needed. Once you have experienced your first few introductory rides, try your hand at the high-performance sailplane for an even greater thrill!

Aerobatic Flights

While the introductory flights will take you on an incredible ride thousands of feet in the air, the aerobatic flights let you experience the thrill of air combat. Your sailplane will maneuver around with incredible dexterity for an exhilarating thrill. Sky Sailing, Inc. does not recommend this ride for the timid and instead for those who want to be turned upside down and roll through the sky. The Super Spectacular Aerobatic Ride takes up the excitement to the next level with even more dips and turns for thrill-seeking adventurers.

Reserving Your Ride

Planning for your next sailplane ride in the sky is as easy as visiting their website and choosing which experience is best for you. Sky Sailing, Inc. recommends choosing the introductory flight for those who have not experienced one of these rides before. Call 760-782-0404 from 9:00am to 5:00pm for any questions you may have. Sky Sailing, Inc. can be found at 31930 Highway 79, Warner Springs CA 92086.

Experience Palm Springs in the Sky

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