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Skydive West Coast

Do not settle for any boring itinerary when you schedule your next vacation through Palm Springs, California. Instead, go soaring through the sky with a thrilling skydiving experience with Skydive West Coast. Their incredible service is the only way to skydive between San Jacinto and Big Bear. You will be given a unique experience with highly experienced staff who will help you achieve another item on your bucket list. Here is how skydiving with Skydiving West Coast works:

How it Works

Many people think that many hours of training is required to enjoy your first skydiving experience. That is simply not true! Skydive West Coast will help you enjoy this thrilling experience in the safest way possible. Each jumper will review a short video and be given basic training by their instructor before each jump. After all the safety specs are out of the way you will be flown 12,500 feet msl in the air and complete a tandem skydive with their instructor. The views from this height must be seen in person to be believed!

What is Included

Each tandem jump is just $199 per person and includes all of the necessary preparations. Jumpers can receive a video or photography stills of their exciting jump for $79 each or $99 all together. This is a great way to document the journey with your friends and family!

Finding Skydive West Coast

You can start preparing your first or next skydiving experience with Skydive West Coast by simply calling 951-567-1848 or visiting their website. Once you are ready to go, make a reservation and then show up at their facility at , Banning, CA 92220 for the experience of a lifetime. All jumpers must be at least 18 years or older. Skydive West Coast operates every day of the week from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Tandem jumps may be cancelled in advance if there is any weather preventing a safe jump. Start prepping for an incredible jump from thousands of feet in the air!