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Tennis Club District in Palm Springs

California is known for its sun, sand, landscapes and of course, vineyards. Those who travel to Palm Springs specifically know that tucked within the city boundaries lies another jewel for travelers. A true testament to the past, this area still thrives and is very much alive today. The Historic Tennis Club District in Palm Springs is a wonderful and intriguing place to spend some time as you wander through a piece of the area that has managed to maintain the same allure for visitors today that it’s held for decades past.

Living History

The roots of the Historic Tennis District extend back to 1880 when it was originally worked as land for agriculture, without much success. In 1937, efforts to bring tennis to the desert were put into effect and materialized in the form of a luxurious tennis club. The location came with an iconic circular pool and brought in visitors, sports enthusiasts and fans from across the country and globe. With distinction and time, the effect only multiplied. Soon, the area was dotted with upscale restaurants, bistros, inns and hotels. The area’s popularity continued to blossom throughout the 1950’s. Eventually, the area simply came to be referred to as The Tennis District.

Finding the Tennis Club District in Palm Springs

Not only is the Historic Tennis District one of the most entertaining things to do in Palm Springs area, but it’s location only adds to its charm. Snuggled between the San Jacinto Mountains and downtown Palm Springs, this oasis of the past, still firmly rooted in the present offers up an incredible balance of fun and seclusion. It’s quiet location and proximity to so many historical sites make it an ideal place when you’re looking for a getaway. Condos in the area are readily available for long or short-term rental if you’re in the mood to experience beauty and history while having a great time along the way.

Places to Visit

As the popularity of the Historic Tennis Club District in Palm Springs grew, many well-known names, architects and entrepreneurs made their way through the area. In their wake, they left beautiful buildings, restaurants and attractions. Fortunately, locals have invested massive amounts of time and energy making sure these pieces of the past are preserved for visitors today. Some of the must-see locales include The O’Donnell House which was built in 1925, The Willows (once hosting Albert Einstein), Korakia Pensione (frequented by Winston Churchill) and Spencer’s restaurant. If you’re an historic homes and inns enthusiast, make sure to book your vacation rental for December when the infamous Walk of the Inns is taking place.

Stay Today to Remember Yesterday

From classic historic inns to a charming collection of homes preserved from the 1930’s through the 1950’s and countless restaurants to tickle your taste buds, the Historic Tennis District in Palm Springs has something to offer everyone. Making some time to visit this area is truly an experience in walking through the past. Be sure and contact us today so we can help you find the perfect vacation rental and to learn more about things to do in Palm Springs area.