The Most Beautiful Palm Springs Park

Outside of Los Angeles, you will find the relaxation capitol of the world in Palm Springs. Most people think of luxurious spa days and slow days on the golf course, but there are plenty of ways to find beauty and relaxation in Palm Springs. Many of these opportunities involve getting outside and enjoying the beautiful […]

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Fun Winter Activities in Palm Springs to Enjoy Outdoors

Located in Southern California, Palm Springs is a warm-weather getaway year-round. With milder winter temperatures hovering in the 70s during the day and cool desert evenings, winter is a great season to spend time outdoors in Palm Springs, so where are some fun winter activities in Palm Springs that you can enjoy this season! Hit the […]

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Kid-Friendly Brunch Spots in Palm Springs

While visiting Palm Springs with the kids, it’s important to know where the kid-approved eateries are located. With kids, not just any restaurant will do. Even when you and the rest of the family are off to a late start in the morning, you want to make sure that you find a brunch spot that […]

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2 of the Best Things to do in Palm Springs California Not in a Guidebook

When planning your next vacation, chances are the first thing you do is buy one of those travel guides that shows you where all the hottest attractions, sights, restaurants, and stores can be found, allowing you to say you’ve been there and done that. But what if you don’t want to walk in the footsteps […]

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The Best Winter Events in Palm Springs

When it’s winter in your hometown and you look out the windows, what do you see? Sunny skies, palm trees swaying in the wind, and happy people enjoying the perfect weather in the great outdoors? If not, perhaps you should consider a vacation in Palm Springs, where you can experience all of the above and […]

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Places To Eat In Palm Springs

When its time to wind down, stop by for pint at any of the local brew pubs. The area boast 16 microbrews with a variety of beers to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes. Most breweries have outdoor patios so make sure you bring a jacket if you tend to get a little chilly. From […]

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This theme is perfect for you

This has to be one of our most popular themes. It’s packed with all the basic features from features blocks to this very blog. But look a little further and see what is under the cover. Powered by the Streamline plugin, this theme is capable of some pretty awesome stuff. Customize this theme to make […]

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Hike Hike Hike

Boasting 42 miles of trails, you can lose yourself literally in this special place. Make sure you take some water and check the local maps to see which trails suits you best. There are short trails that circle the village or you can opt for a longer one that will take you winding in the hills […]

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