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Upcoming Events to Check Out in Palm Springs

As winter begins its slow fade into spring, it’s prime vacation time here in Palm Springs. The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the temperatures are warm enough to please our friends escaping the snow but cool enough to remind us that summer is still way in the distance. Life doesn’t get any better […]

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Best Coffee Shops in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is famous among other things for its wide variety of coffee shops. Here not only do you get to enjoy our daily fix of caffeine, latte, or a cold brew, but many of these coffee houses double as art galleries. There’s enough here to tickle both your taste and artistic buds. Read more […]

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Upcoming Festivals to Attend in Palm Springs

Want to know a secret? We probably shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag, but we like you and can’t wait to share! Palm Springs isn’t just about retirement homes and gorgeous sunsets; we love to party, and it shows in the many upcoming festivals to attend in Palm Springs that take place here […]

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Palm Springs Restaurants

3 Reasons to Spend Valentines Day in Palm Springs in 2019

If you look through the calendar, you will not find an occasion that would not benefit from a trip to Palm Springs. With that being said, one of the most appropriate times to visit is during Valentine’s Day holiday. This is because Palm Springs is a place of great leisure, adventure, and romance all rolled […]

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Brickworks American Restaurant

Best Palm Springs Restaurants for Winter Comfort Food

Winter in Palm Springs probably isn’t anything like your own hometown. When we look out our windows, we see palm trees and sunny skies, and when we walk out our doors, chances are we are wearing shorts and flip-flops. But even though our temperatures may be in the 70s or higher and there is no snow […]

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The aerial tramway, a good palm spring winter activity to enjoy

Palm Springs Winter Activities to Try This Season

Winter really is the most beautiful time of the year when you live in sunny Palm Springs; the scorching temperatures of summer are a distant memory and the cool nights allow us the opportunity to try out those cute sweaters we bought last winter on sale! If your winter days are dreary and glum and […]

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Here's Why You Should Visit Palm Springs in Winter

Reasons to Visit Palm Springs in the Winter

For many of our guests, winter is a word that should never be spoken in mixed company, dredging up visions of icy roads, fingers and toes that never thaw, and early mornings spent battling the build-up of ice on windshields before heading off to work, only to have to deal with drivers who can’t manage […]

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Guide to Nightlife in Palm Springs

A Party Lover’s Guide to Nightlife in Palm Springs

When looking for the perfect place for your next party, we understand that you have options—options that include the big city buzz of a place that never sleeps, the quiet sleepiness of an Appalachian escape, or one of our personal favorites, the scenic scene that includes a mix of both. Palm Springs may not have […]

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Reasons to Spend New Year's in Palm Springs

Top Reasons To Spend 2019 New Year’s In Palm Springs

As winter rears its ugly head in your hometown, we in Palm Springs are just entering our favorite time of year! The blistering heat of a desert summer has become a distant memory and yet the sun remains shining (we only get a little less than 2 inches of rain every year!) the temperatures are […]

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Palm Springs luxury vacation rentals

Palm Springs Attractions Only Locals Know About

As you enter the planning period stage of your upcoming Palm Springs sojourn, you may start worrying that the crowds will be a little much. Unless you’re traveling during the offseason, our desert oasis is a popular vacation destination, and if you’re not much of a people person, well, you may think you’re stuck! What […]

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