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Tour De Palm Springs

This spring season is shaping up to be one of the best in years with a variety of sporting events taking place all across Southern California. One such popular event each year is the Tour De Palm Springs. This exciting event raises money each year for local nonprofit organizations found around Coachella Valley. Almost 100 local charities benefit from the Tour De Palm Springs, with every dollar staying in Coachella Valley. You cannot beat an exciting day participating or watching this event in the gorgeous mountain scenery in Palm Springs.

Biking in Palm Springs – The Event

Riders can participate in a variety of routes when biking in the Tour De Palm Springs. The easiest routes are only 5 and 10 miles and feature a flat landscape. The 25-mile route adds in a few rolling hills and takes you through three separate cities and five parks. Next up is the 50-mile route that steps up the difficulty with multiple rolling hills and gradual climbs. Professional racers will enjoy the 100-mile route that includes landscape similar to the 50-mile route but is twice as long. The beauty of Southern California means that riders do not have to worry about any steep hills that will immediately tire them out.

Cheering from the Sides

Watching local racers raise money for charity can be done from spots along the 5-mile route. You will have plenty of space to cheer on your favorite rider during this stretch of viewing areas. Several live bands and cheerleaders also take to the sidelines to make this event just as exciting for attendees throughout the day.

Registering for the Event

Biking in Palm Springs is super fun and anyone can do it! Registering for the Tour De Palm Springs race is as simple as visiting the race website. Riders can reserve their jerseys months in advance to beat the crowd. Riders also receive a free t-shirt to celebrate their participation.

Your Cycling-California Destination

Enjoy one of these incredible cycling events during your stay in Palm Springs. Get ready for this and many more activities to enjoy by staying nearby in one of our exclusive vacation villa rentals. You will have access to luxury amenities that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Start preparing yourself to participate in next year’s Tour De Palm Springs! Click here to learn more about us!