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Palm Springs Fishing Journey

Just because you are in southern California does not mean you cannot find incredible fishing spots that will delight any enthusiast angler. Palm Springs is close by many popular Palm Springs fishing locations in the area. Keep mindful that most fishing spots require a fee or license to catch any fish that can be purchased in advance. Here is how to plan for your angler delight’s journey to Palm Springs:

Day 1: Palm Springs Fishing at Lake Hemet

The closest spot to town to throw out your rod at is at nearby Lake Hemet. This scenic lake is the perfect spot to try your hand at the local fish. Offshore camp sites are a great way to spend the day away from your vacation rental. You can expect to find trout, bluegill, and catfish swimming around the waters of Lake Hemet that are available to catch.

Day 2: Fisherman’s Retreat

Spend your next day of fun things to do Palm Springs relaxing at the quiet grounds of Fisherman’s Retreat. This nearby resort offers some incredible fishing you cannot find anywhere else. You do not need to be a guest at the resort to enjoy this pastime; just show up and pay a small fee to catch until your heart is content.

Day 3: Lake Cauhilla

Keep it close to Palm Springs with a quiet day at Lake Cauhailla. This nearby lake may not offer up as many potential catches as the other locations, but it is just minutes away. You can spend the day rounding up the local winter trout and catfish.

Day 4: Joshua Tree Lake

Take a drive to the serene Joshua Tree National Park during your Palm Springs getaway. This vast park is known for its camping and beautiful hiking trails. Joshua Tree National Park also has its own lake where you can easily lose track of time. Camping grounds allow those who wish to stay the night to have a space.

Day 5: Anglers Lake

End your relaxing trip by visiting nearby Angler’s Lake, also known as Little Lake. While smaller than the other lakes listed here, it can still provide a day’s worth of entertainment. This lake has trout in the winter and catfish in the summer. Other available fish to catch include bass and bluegill.

Prepare Your Fishing Rod

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