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Dog Lover’s Journey to Palm Springs

There is no reason to leave behind your favorite pup when you and the family travel to Palm Springs, California. This exciting city is full of incredible dog-friendly Palm Springs activities that can only make your experience even better. Here is how you can enjoy your dog lover’s journey to Palm Springs:

Day 1: Start Your Dog Friendly Palm Springs Trip with Coffee

Every morning needs to start with a warming cup of coffee. Stop at Koffi for a friendly atmosphere and your favorite espresso beverage handmade. The patio is a great place for the dog to relax with you as you get ready for the rest of your trip. You will probably find some other friendly pups relaxing on the patio with you.

Day 2: Ride the Buzz

Forget getting a rental car and use the Buzz bus routes to get around town. The Buzz lets you bring your pups on board so you can easily get around the city. The Buzz has 30 stops, so no corner of the city will be off limit.

Day 3: Take Them for a Hike

Your dog will love the temperate weather of Palm Springs with a relaxing hike found outside of town. The South Lykken Trail is one of the most popular trails that allows leashed dogs to join in on the fun. The trail has a 900-foot elevation change and is over 3 miles long. Once you get to the top, you will be rewarded with some of the best views of the surrounding valley.

Day 4: Palm Springs Dog Park

Let your dog off its leash with a trip to the Palm Springs Dog Park. This fenced park allows your pups to run around care-free and enjoy the company of other dogs. Shaded areas even make it a great stop on your list of dog friendly things to in Palm Springs during the hotter months of summer.

Day 5: Moorten Botanical Garden & Bacterium

Check out the historic Moorten Botanical Garden & Cactarium with your favorite canine friend. Dogs are welcome with leashes as you check out the incredible flora that is featured in Southern California.

Your Dog Lover’s Journey to Palm Springs

There has never been a better time to check out Palm Springs with your friendly pup. Check out these exciting dog friendly things to in Palm Springs and more during your next stay. Check out one of our dog-friendly vacation rentals that lets you and your dog stay comfortably. Book your vacation rental online today.