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Palm Springs Health and Wellness Journey

Take care of yourself during a health and wellness journey to Palm Springs this season. Residents understand that the best way to appreciate your health is to relax. Here is how to plan for the perfect Palm Springs health and wellness journey:

Day 1: Enjoy the Outdoors on Your Palm Springs Health Adventure

Recharge your energy by exploring the incredible outdoors around Palm Springs. From Indian Canyons to Coachella Valley, there is a plethora of outdoor attractions to see. The weather in Palm Springs starts with cool mornings and gets warmer throughout the day.

Day 2: Camp at Joshua Tree National Park

Make the drive out of town to Joshua Tree National Park for some of the best camping experiences you can have. This national park features relaxing trails and challenging hikes that will help you celebrate your wellness. You will be reconnecting with the planet and yourself in no time.

Day 3: Desert Hot Springs

Improve your health with an afternoon at the Desert Hot Springs spa. These incredible waters will improve the circulation in your body with an overall Palm Springs wellness experience. Other nearby spas that you can enjoy also include Two Bunch Palms, Palm Springs Healing Center, and more.

Day 4: Indulge Yourself with a Healthy Meal

Make sure your journey is full of healthy food by enjoying a delicious meal at one of the farm-to-table restaurants in town. Local restaurants such as The Grove Artisan Kitchen and Palm Springs Café feature vegan and vegetarian dishes made from local produce. You will feel good about what you are eating and where it came from.

Day 5: Center Yourself with Yoga

Relax and center yourself at one of the many yoga studios in Palm Springs. This enjoyable workout will have you feeling relaxing while working on your health. You can even seek out more rigorous activities with spin classes. Most studios in Palm Springs have free drop-in classes for your first time, helping you find the perfect class.

Health and Wellness Journey to Palm Springs

After a week in Palm Springs, you will be feeling the best you have ever felt. Enjoy these health and Palm Springs wellness activities that are just minutes away from most of our luxury vacation rentals. You can enjoy incredible amenities and home features that are second to none in the city. Book your next reservation online today to start preparing for your health and wellness journey to Palm Springs.