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Ruddy’s General Store Museum


People travel through Palm Springs, California for an endless number of reasons. Some are looking for serious relaxation while others are looking for a vibrant night life. Still others come for an historical view on life and nobody does that quite like Ruddy’s General Store Museum. If it’s a look back on a simpler way of life you’re seeking, Ruddy’s General Store Museum does not disappoint. Walking through the front doors, it’s entirely possible to feel you’ve been transported directly back to 1930’s America.

Ruddy’s General Store Museum is a History of Careful Collection

Jim Ruddy held a full-time job, but in his spare time, he had a true passion for collecting originally packaged general store items. What started as a hobby turned into a full-fledged endeavor as Jim began to acquire massive numbers of general merchandise as well as the display stands they once stood on. As the collection grew, Jim stopped referring to his possessions as a collection and renamed them a living time capsule. When the collection grew beyond the walls of his home, Jim knew it was time to give the public a look at what was best about America starting in the 1930’s. Today, Ruddy’s General Store Museum is a way for the rest of the world to be introduced to over 75 years of collection put together to become an era-specific museum.

The Charm in the Details

The museum is designed to maintain the appearance of a general store and the displays are set up accordingly, and if you’re wondering what to do in Palm Springs CA, this is a must visit. Part of what makes this place so unforgettable is the authenticity that lies in the details. The museum holds over 6,000 items in original packaging and visitors will be thrilled to note that most of these products are still full! Be on the look out for basic items from once-upon-a- time that include food items, cleaning products, tobacco specialties, kids clothing, shaving sets, tea, coffee, batteries and light bulbs. Taking a walk through the medicinal holdings section will make visitors wonder just how citizens stayed safe and healthy in post-depression America.

A Museum Not to Be Mistaken for a Store

Museum attendants often are quick to tell stories of visitors so convinced of the location’s products and set up that they inquire about items for sale. This is a true testament to the authenticity of Ruddy’s time capsule collection, but still does not put any of the displayed items on the market. Before his passing, Jim Ruddy made sure to laughingly pass along to his museum staff that the collection was not for sale. While it looks like a store, Ruddy’s General Store is very much a museum meant to inform and mesmerize visitors.

Step into the Authentic 1930’s

Open from September through May, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to step into Ruddy’s General Store Museum and back in time. The 1930’s held a charm that’s hard to replicate, but the vast collection on display transports visitors to another time. Contact us today to book one of our incredible vacation rentals and to get suggestions on what to do in Palm Springs CA!

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