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Village Green Heritage Center

Palm Springs is an exciting, fun and lively place to visit. Whether you’re an adventure-seeking traveler looking to take on nature, or a food-lover with time to spare amongst the flavorful options Palm Springs offers, there’s a little something for everyone. Not to be forgotten are the history buffs that make their way west to walk amongst some truly historic sites and scenery dating back to the tribes that called Palm Springs home long before the name was placed. Village Green Heritage Center makes a dedicated effort to honor the history of Palm Springs by offering visitors a lovely, engaging and informative visit every time.

Holding onto History

Very often the places that are highly sought after by travel lovers come with rich histories and stories that need to be told. These same destinations that are loved by tourists today were first settled and lived on by those willing to risk everything to discover something wonderful and new. The Village Green Heritage Center in Palm Springs recognizes the importance of telling these stories and provides visitors with a comprehensive location to learn about those who came to the area before.

Purposeful Architecture

The Village Green Heritage Center is built to represent the very stories it tells. The center is one of our favorite things to do in Palm Springs CA and is located in downtown Palm Springs and visitors will easily identify it by its gorgeous central fountain. The water running through the fountain on the main plaza is purposeful—representing water as a primary symbol of life, connecting life forces all over the globe. From this central point, visitors can make their way to one of three primary buildings as they explore the deep history that has led to the Palm Springs that is known and loved today. The center hosts over 4,000 engraved bricks that were laid in 1988 to celebrate the city’s incorporation 50 years prior.

Enriching Stories of Yesterday

As visitors make their way through the Village Green Heritage Center, they will be taken on a trip through a dramatic past. The center pays tribute to a vast number of Palm Springs historic groups through multiple museums. These include specific collections dedicated to the Cahuilla tribe and culture, desert pioneers and adobe architecture as well as items displayed on behalf of the Palm Springs Historical Society.

Head Towards the Village Green Heritage Center

Palm Springs is a stunning place to visit with a rich history not to be missed. Contact us today to book one of our vacation rentals and to learn more about things to do in Palm Springs CA!

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