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Best Times To Visit Palm Springs

It is no secret that Palm Springs, California is located right in the desert for cool winters and hot summers. If you have never made your way through Palm Springs, you may be wondering when the best times are to visit this incredible city. Let us help you find the best times to visit Palm Springs:

Winter Season

The best time to visit Palm Springs is during the winter, when the temperatures hold at a high in the 60s. Most travelers are looking to escape the snow in their home towns and get some sun. The winter season also happens to be the peak for tourism in the area, so expect crowds and higher prices on some local attractions. Saying you played your best round of golf in the winter cannot be done anywhere else but Palm Springs.

Summer Season

As mentioned, Palm Springs is in the California desert, so expect extremely hot temperatures. The weather can easily reach triple digits during the summer season and lasts for months. While the heat might seem unbearable, the pools available at our vacation rentals will help cool you down. In addition, the summer typically does not see any crowds and is a great way to enjoy some indoor attractions that you would have to wait on during other seasons.

Spring and Fall Seasons

Check out Palm Springs during the spring and fall seasons for the best of both worlds. The temperature will be a bit hotter but definitely bearable. The tourist traffic will still be light and affordable rates can be found at things to do in the Palm Springs CA area. Make sure to check out the weekend you plan your travels, as the surrounding valley is host to a variety of music festivals, including the ever-popular Coachella Music Festival. These festivals bring in heavy traffic and higher rates for local activities. Any other time during the cool spring and fall seasons is great for a trip to Palm Springs!

Vacation with Palm Springs Getaways

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