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History Of Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California is not just your average travel destination. Instead, this oasis in the desert is home to a rich history, including world-famous architects and celebrities. When traveling, you can take in the Palm Springs history with the many homes and museums up for display. Here are some important details regarding the history of Palm Springs that will make your trip even more enjoyable:

Old Hollywood

Back in the day, Hollywood stars were required to live within two and a half hours of Los Angeles due to their contracts. Palm Springs fit the bill exactly, with many stars choosing to live here between projects. This desert oasis offered a quieter life from the big city where they could relax in peace away from the media. One of the most famous homes in the area is Frank Sinatra’s old residence that was purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio. Many of the homes built for celebrities are on display in the Tennis District, where you can easily take an afternoon stroll to take in the sights.

Hot Springs Origin

Over at the Spa Resort Casino you can find natural hot springs to soak in, one of the best things to do in Palm Springs CA. These springs were first discovered in 1853 during a routine government survey of the area. What is now known as Palm Springs was erected around the springs after Southern Pacific Railroad was completed in 1877. Since then, Palm Springs has offered refuge to weary travelers and those looking to escape their everyday routine.

Military Training Ground

One of the lesser known facts about Palm Springs is that it was home to a World War II training ground. What is now the El Mirador Hotel used to be known as the Torney General Hospital where wounded U.S. soldiers were treated. Palm Springs International Airport was initially built for military cargo and personnel planes before being updated for the modern century. Due to significant growth of tourism in the area, the military facilities have since turned into antique attractions.

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