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Hotels vs. Palm Springs Vacation Home Rentals

When traveling to Palm Springs, California you have a variety of choices for lodging options. Many hotels can be found around the area for cheap, along with many resorts that offer a luxurious experience. But when you want to plan for a memorable trip to Palm Springs, look no further than our vacation rental properties. Here is why our Palm Springs CA vacation homes beat out any hotel or resort during your stay:

Sense of Privacy With Our Palm Springs CA Vacation Homes

With our luxury vacation home rentals in Palm Springs, you will be able to enjoy a sense of privacy that cannot be obtained from any hotel or resort. You will be able to enjoy a complete home all to yourself without the potential for noisy neighbors. We have all experienced flimsy walls before where you can hear everything next door at a hotel. Do not let any potential noisiness ruin your trip by staying in our rental homes.

Close Proximity to All of Palm Springs

Better yet, our vacation home rentals in Palm Springs are just a short drive or walk away from all of the activities and attractions found around Palm Springs. The entire Palm Springs area is spread out over a large area in the desert but can easily be navigated by car. We make it even easier for you to get to your destination but being right in the middle of the excitement. You will not find a better location than with our luxury vacation rentals!

Management for Our Guests

At Palm Springs Getaways, we are all about customer satisfaction and making sure each and every guest has an incredible experience. Our luxury Palm Springs CA vacation homes are privately owned and taken care of with the highest quality of care. You will not find your run of the mill listings, but instead individual homes that are the pride and joy of their owners. Our agents are just a quick phone call away to help take care of the unexpected or help you find the perfect restaurant to eat at. Just let us know and we will be there for you!

Vacation with Palm Springs Getaways

There is never a bad reason to start planning your Palm Springs vacation getaway. For the most luxurious of vacation rentals and villas with top customer service, make sure you choose Palm Springs Getaways. Give us a call and we will find the perfect vacation rental that will make your trip one to remember. Get away from home with Palm Springs Getaways!