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As you enter the planning period stage of your upcoming Palm Springs sojourn, you may start worrying that the crowds will be a little much. Unless you’re traveling during the offseason, our desert oasis is a popular vacation destination, and if you’re not much of a people person, well, you may think you’re stuck! What you didn’t count on, however, is this guide to the off the beaten path spots that will lead you to the Palm Springs attractions most tourists don’t think about visiting; we at Palm Springs Getaways have your back and want you to have the vacation you have always dreamed of!

Albert Frey House II and other Palm Springs Attractions

The desert can appear to be an extremely inhospitable place to visit, so you have to be wondering, how can anyone want to live here? Albert Frey, a famed architect who was born in Switzerland but passed in Palm Springs at the wise old age of 95, obviously found something that appealed to him, and when you visit the Albert Frey House II, you might be turned to his way of thinking! His modern home, created from glass and steel, blends into the desert landscape even as it stands out amidst the cactus and rocks, and the views from where this creative structure sits are simply stunning. There have been no attempts to modernize the inside, and the home appears much as it did when it was completed in 1964.

Eat Like a Local

Part of the allure of your journey off the beaten path is finding the restaurants treasured by the locals. Experiencing the amazing Palm Springs attractions around will build up an appetite and there are some great places to try. Prices are generally lower, the atmosphere is about the food, not the hype of being the most popular, and of course, the wait times are considerably reduced! Our favorite local hot spot is actually a secret and we can’t tell you anything about it! Ok, we’re obviously kidding, because your trip to Palm Springs wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Counter-Reformation. Hidden away from the tourist crowds and located at 4200 E Palm Canyon Drive, this quiet wine bar manages to be high-end without being overly pretentious, making it the perfect spot for a romantic night on the town.

Where the Cactus Lie

If you have never lived in the desert, the Moorten Botanical Garden & Cactarium will fascinate you, and although this enchanted garden is no longer as secret as it used to be (thanks to social network sites and the sheer beauty of photos uploaded from there by those in the know), it’s still a tranquil place to spend a few quiet hours during your unforgettable California vacation. Located at 1701 South Palm Canyon Drive, the best time to visit is from April to August, although it is beautiful any time of year!

Getaway to Palm Springs

When you choose Palm Springs Getaways for your vacation accommodations, you’ll discover what a difference it makes to stay in a place where people care! Reserve your stay with us today!

When planning your next vacation, chances are the first thing you do is buy one of those travel guides that shows you where all the hottest attractions, sights, restaurants, and stores can be found, allowing you to say you’ve been there and done that. But what if you don’t want to walk in the footsteps of the thousands, or even millions, who have walked before you? What if you prefer to make your own path and visit the places that aren’t found in the guidebooks or the latest best things to do in Palm Springs California list? What if your mission in life is to find the hidden gems that are only known to the people who make their homes in places you only dream of living? Well, if one of those places is Palm Springs and your vacation accommodations are with Palm Springs Getaways, we are here to help you find those special spots!

Elvis Was Here

We are always fascinated by anything Elvis Presley, and the home where the King of Rock and Roll brought his blushing bride Priscilla is kind of cool thing! Reputed to be where the Princess of Rock and Roll, the beautiful Lisa Marie was conceived, this mid-century modern hideaway offers daily tours that show off the unique beauty of the home as the guides tell many Presley secrets. Located at 1350 Ladera Circle, Elvis’s Honeymoon Hideaway was recently put on the market, so we have no idea what could be in store for this historic home.

Final Resting Spots

Some of Hollywood’s golden children made Palm Springs into the celebrity escape it is today, and many have never left. Desert Memorial Park, 31-705 Da Vall Drive, is the final resting spot for Frank Sinatra, Velma Wayne Dawson (the creator of Howdy Doody), Sonny Bono, and many more A-listers from Hollywood’s golden days. And while a tour through the cemetery isn’t often considered to be a big tourist attraction, a visit to this iconic spot is the perfect way to pay your respects to your favorite celebrity.

The Best Things to do in Palm Springs California is Relax

We can almost promise you won’t find this tip in any of the guidebooks or best things to do in Palm Springs California list, but we can promise that you’ll find your best night’s sleep in one of our Palm Springs Getaways luxury properties! Our spacious and tranquil bedrooms are decorated with elegant furnishings that are both beautiful and so comfortable you will never want to sleep anywhere else! Our hidden gems are designed to be lived in and loved in; reserve yours today!