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Thai food in the United States has become quite popular over the last couple of decades and it seems as if a restaurant can be found in almost every city. Some reasons for its popularity could be attributed to the fact that the Thai kitchen prides itself on the use of simple ingredients and age-old recipes. This combination usually results in four-star reviews from just about anybody who enters into the fiery, tangy, sweet, sour world of Thai cuisine. Thai House in Palm Springs follows these same techniques in the kitchen with every curry, salad and soup.

Trip to Southeast Asia

Upon entering Thai House Restaurant in Palm Springs, it becomes immediately noticeable that the place has a more laid-back atmosphere as opposed to the trendier restaurants and bistros that line Palm Canyon Drive. On the menu, diners will find all the familiar curries such as Panang, Green, Yellow, Red, as well as the not often seen Pineapple Curry. Visitors will also find appetizers on the menu that include spring rolls and satay, salads and soups like the popular Tom Kha and Tom Yum. The noodle and rice options include Pad Thai and Spicy Fried Rice and the kitchen prepares exemplary versions of these well-known dishes.

The Chef’s Favorites at The Thai House in Palm Springs

The hearty curries, soups, salads and rice dishes will definitely satisfy all guests; however, the Chef’s Favorites menu will undoubtedly impress even the most demanding diners. The chefs in the kitchen showcase their culinary skills with dishes such as Shoo Shee and Kao Moo Dang. Shoo Shee is a dish made with a perfect filet of sole covered in a red coconut curry. The Kao Moo Dang is a classic Thai dish of pork rubbed with a honey spice concoction, then crisped to perfection. In addition to these recommended dishes, there are still options that tend to be more popular for diners familiar with Chinese food such as Spicy Basil, Orange Chicken and a Broccoli Beef.

Close to It All

Located on Palm Canyon Drive, Thai House in Palm Springs is close to everything downtown Palm Springs has to offer. So after you finish that last bite of a very fresh papaya salad or take the last sip of a splendidly refreshing Thai iced tea, you can explore the rest of the city with a satisfied feeling of having just eaten at one of the best Thai restaurants in the entire Coachella Valley. Contact Palm Springs Getaways to book your stay in our vacation rentals, so you can visit the Thai House in Palm Springs!